A Guide to Skin Bleaching at Home


In the 21st century, everything is possible. Health innovation has led to the invention of ways to change one skin’s complexions. Bleaching has become a prevalent practice for many people. Bleaching can be done at a medical institution. However, hospital bleaching is very expensive. They may include plastic surgery to spice up the result. The good thing is that bleaching can be done at the comfort of one’s home. Hence, one can bleach his or her skin without spending too much. It involves applying natural bleaching agent on your skin to change its complexion. Natural products are mainly herbs with high levels of vitamins. Home bleaching also includes applying skin protectors during the time to reduce the side effects of bleaching.


Understand the Dos & the Don’ts

The first step towards achieving the right results from a bleaching activity is understanding the dos, as well as the don’ts in the process. A small mistake may cause the whole activity to backfire. First, do not use a bleaching agent that you do not understand its amount of usage. This will prevent cases of over applying the bleach. Instill in mind that excessive use of the bleach can cause irritations on the skin. Moreover, do not forget that experts do not recommend the use of bleaching agents in the face. However, if you decide to use a bleaching agent on your face, be sure to take all the necessary precautions.

Conduct a Patch Test

A patch test is a test to see if your skin can positively react with a bleaching agent. It includes applying a small proportion of the bleaching agent to the skin somewhere that if the reaction were to occur, it would not be conspicuous. The best place to conduct a patch test is the area under one’s arm. Before conducting a patch test, choose the kind of bleaching agent you want to use. Apply a small amount of the agent under the arm. Wait until there are signification color changes in the area. If there is no change in color, consider changing the agent. If the change is positive, apply the bleaching agent. If the results are negative, it is advisable to visit a doctor for more direction.

Natural Products

FRUITThere are many natural products that you can use at home for bleaching purpose. For instance, potatoes juice contains natural bleaching agent due to the high levels of vitamin C in it. Lemon is another natural bleaching agent that you can use. Like the potato, lemon contains high levels of vitamin C. vitamin C is the vitamin responsible for bleaching the human skin. Moreover, Use Aloe Vera together with any home bleaching agent to smoothen the skin.