Common Aircon Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Air conditioning systems are critical in homes and offices to keep them habitable, especially during summer. However, installing aircon is not a walk in the park, and making some mistakes could make the system not work correctly or even not work at all. It would be best to read through a reliable aircon installation guide to know what to do and what not. And it is necessary to do so whether you will install it yourself or have an HVAC expert do it.

Here are some of the common AC installation mistakes to avoid:

Placing the AC Units in the Wrong Place

installing in the wrong placeWhile you could place the AC units almost at any place, it would be best to choose the right location because it significantly affects energy efficiency. It would be best to locate it in a shady area to ensure it does not have to work more to produce the required cooling effect.

However, you have to ensure there are no things like trees or shrubs blocking it. Besides the location, it would help to ensure the unit is slightly tilted backward for proper drainage. Moreover, ensure you do adequate ventilation to operate efficiently without making the energy bills shoot through the roof.

Selecting the Wrong Size AC

Top on the list of common AC installation mistakes is choosing the incorrect size AC for your house. Unfortunately, if you select an inappropriate size unit, it can result in energy inefficiency and dysfunction. The effect of installing a smaller AC is that it will lead to overworking it, and for one that is too big, there will be short-cycling issues. In both situations, the system will suffer unnecessary wear and tear and make it break down fast and prematurely.

Working with an Unskilled Contractor

Most of the time, homeowners or property managers will focus more on how much the technician or AC installing company is charging and not their competence and experience. Even worse, some install it themselves, yet they do not have the necessary skills, expertise, and equipment for the work.

Unfortunately, the cheapest AC installation company lacks the necessary skills or experience and deliver shoddy quality work. Moreover, working with a reputable AC installation and repair company will save you a lot of money. They will do an excellent job, avoid some mistakes that can lead to high power bills, and spare you so many problems and frequent repairs due to the issues caused by unqualified and inexperienced technicians.